Solar Panels

Energy from the sun can be harnessed using different types of technology, like photovoltaic (PV) panels that convert sunlight into electricity and solar thermal panels that use sunlight to heat water. Colorado has a tremendous solar resource, with the potential to produce hundreds of times as much electricity as the state consumes each year.

The solar energy sector in Colorado has created new opportunities in electricity generation, research and development and manufacturing. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association:

  • Colorado ranked 13th in the nation for installed solar capacity, with 1,536.15 MW of solar energy installed as of 2020.
  • Colorado is home to 348 solar companies, employing about 7,000 people throughout the state.
  • About $390 million in Colorado solar investments were made in 2019, with a total of $3,855.02 million invested overall.

Solar PV technology can be deployed at various scales, from utility-scale generation, in which a large amount of electricity is transmitted from a central location to numerous consumers, to distributed generation, in which small-scale systems generate electricity for local use.

Community solar gardens are a form of distributed generation that involves a solar array with multiple subscribers who may purchase a portion of the power produced and receive a credit on their electric bill. Solar gardens provide a clean energy option for renters and those who are unable to use their rooftops for solar. 

There are no incentives for installing solar available from the State of Colorado, but depending on your location, incentives may be available through your electric utility or your city or county.