Energy Recovery Hydropower

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With significant recent changes in federal and state policy, energy recovery hydropower presents the most economically-feasible type of new hydropower development. Numerous Colorado resources are available to help support hydropower project development, including free site assessments, grants to support project feasibility and engineering, and low-interest loans which can provide 100% of project construction costs.

Energy Recovery Webinar


What is Energy Recovery Hydropower

 Energy Recovery Fact Sheet

Overview of energy recovery hydropower and the policies that have encouraged its development.

 Miller Creek Success Story.pdf

A successful project completed between the White River Electric Association & the Miller Creek Ditch Company.

PRV-Hydropower Assessment 

Getting Started

Getting Started Fact Sheet

A checklist to understand the hydropower development process.

Site Assessment Fact Sheet

The first step in developing a hydropower project is completion of a site assessment. This fact sheet lists the preliminary information needed to complete a site assessment.

Grant & Loan Fact Sheet

Overview of lending agencies that provide grants and loans to fund hydropower projects.

Fed Approval Fact Sheet

A list of criteria required for expedited regulatory review of energy recovery hydropower projects. *This process typically requires the help of a consultant, a list of which can be found in the Colorado Small Hydropower Handbook

Utility Interconnection Fact Sheet

Overview of options for interconnecting a hydropower project with the local utility.

Additional Questions? 

Contact Sammy Reifer for municipal projects Email: Phone: 303.866.2418

Contact Sam Anderson for agricultural projects Email: Phone: 303.869.9044

Additional Resources

Colorado PRV Hydropower Initiative

Colorado continues its commitment to assist persons interested in developing hydropower resources including, but not limited to, small and micro hydropower systems. The Colorado Energy Office contracted with Amec Foster Wheeler to prepare an assessment of the energy potential in replacing pressure reducing valves (PRVs) with hydropower units within Colorado. The Colorado PRV-Hydropower Assessment is intended to highlight hydropower opportunities within water utility delivery systems where PRVs are used to reduce water pressure.