Press Releases



06/20/24 - Polis Administration Highlights Bold Progress, Leadership on Low-Cost Energy including Geothermal, at Clean Energy Summit

06/10/24 - New laws signed by Governor Polis and supported by the legislature will bolster Colorado's comprehensive plans to address climate change

05/24/24 - Polis Administration Announces $7.7 million in Awards for Geothermal Energy Projects

04/22/24 - Colorado Celebrates Earth Day, Receives $156 Million to Expand Solar Energy and Save Coloradans Money

04/04/24 - Governor Polis, Colorado Energy Office announce $21 million to expand Colorado's nation-leading EV charging network

04/02/24 - Colorado Energy Office launches grant program to help local and Tribal governments speed up approvals for solar projects

04/01/24 - Colorado Energy Office Launches Tax Incentive for Geothermal Electricity Development and Production

04/01/24 - Governor Polis, Colorado Energy Office Launch Nation's First Electric Bicycle Tax Credit

03/29/24 - Colorado Energy Office prepares to launch new tax incentive to reduce industrial air pollution

03/28/24 - Polis administration announces details of the launch of nation’s first statewide electric bicycle tax credit 

03/07/24 - Colorado Energy Office Awards $3 Million in Grant Funding to Reduce Air Pollution in Colorado

02/26/24 - What They’re Saying: Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Roadmap 2.0

02/26/24 - Governor Polis Launches Updated, Comprehensive Climate Action Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 50% by 2030, Support Future Generations

02/01/24 - Governor Polis and the Colorado Energy Office Celebrate New Tax Incentives to Lower Cost of High Efficiency Heating and Cooling 

12/27/23 - CEO Celebrates Success of E-bike Rebate Program, Announces Final Round in Early 2024

11/14/23 - Polis Administration & Colorado Energy Office launch grant program to support geothermal energy technology adoption

10/12/23 - Colorado Energy Office launches Local Government Community Electric Bicycle Rebate Grant program

10/10/23 - State launches Public Building Electrification Grant program to help electrify public buildings in Colorado

10/04/23 - Colorado Energy Office announces first Fleet-ZERO awards to support the transition to electric vehicle fleets

09/28/23 - The Department of Local Affairs and the Colorado Energy Office to Receive U.S. Department of Energy Grid Resiliency 40101(d) Formula Funds

08/29/23 - Colorado Energy Office announces launch of the Vehicle Exchange Colorado Program

08/25/23 - State announces launch of Community Accelerated Mobility Project grant program to support community-led electric transportation projects

08/10/23 - Colorado Energy Office announces launch date for statewide e-bike rebate program

08/03/23 - Colorado Energy Office awards $17 million in grant funding to expand the state’s public electric vehicle fast-charging network

07/18/23 - Colorado Energy Office awarded $5 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to support building energy efficiency and emissions reductions

07/12/23 - Colorado Energy Office launches grant program to support local adoption and implementation of stronger building energy codes

06/23/23 - Colorado Energy Office launches pilot grant program to support community adoption of high efficiency electric heating and appliances

06/08/23 - CEO announces details on statewide e-bike rebate program

06/01/23 - State Energy Code Board releases model electric and solar ready building energy code

05/15/23 - Colorado Energy Office Launches Grant Program to Support Charging Equipment and Infrastructure for Electric Vehicle Fleets

04/10/23 - Western Interstate Hydrogen Hub Submits Application for U.S. Department of Energy Funding Grant

03/29/23 - Clean Air Program launches first round of grant funding to assist businesses and local governments in reducing industrial air pollution

03/28/23 - Polis administration releases 2023 Electric Vehicle Plan

02/09/23 - Colorado Energy Office Announces Launch of Cannabis Resource Optimization Program to Improve Energy Efficiency in Cannabis Cultivation