Will Toor, Executive Director - will.toor@state.co.us

Dominique Gómez, Deputy Director - dominique.gomez@state.co.us

Christine Berg, Sr. Policy Analyst, Local Government - christine.berg@state.co.us

Eric Lowe, Local Government Project Manager - eric.lowe@state.co.us

Susannah Harris, HR Coordinator/Executive Assistant - susannah.harris@state.co.us

Kelly Blynn, Transportation Climate Change Specialist - kelly.blynn@state.co.us

Jaxon Fagan, Land Use and Transportation Analyst - jaxon.fagan@state.co.us

Josh Chetwynd, Director of Climate Communications - josh.chetwynd@state.co.us

Issamar Pichardo, Environmental Justice Specialist - issamar.pichardo@state.co.us

Ari Rosenblum, PIO/Communications Manager - ari.rosenblum@state.co.us

***For all media inquiries, contact CEO's PIO/Communications Manager. Sign-up for our media contact list to receive CEO press releases. For all requests under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), contact CEO_CORA@state.co.us.***



Keith Hay, Sr. Director - keith.m.hay@state.co.us

Jocelyn Durkay, Manager of Regulatory Affairs - jocelyn.durkay@state.co.us

Chris Piper, Legislative Liaison & Policy Analyst - chris.n.piper@state.co.us 

Kathleen Gegner, Sr. Regulatory Analyst - kathleen.gegner@state.co.us

John Parks, Policy Analyst, Electricity Market and Transmission - john.m.parks@state.co.us

Daniel Greengarten, Sr. Regulatory analyst - daniel.weingarten@state.co.us

Megan Ottesen, Sr. Regulatory Analyst - megan.ottesen@state.co.us

Maria Eisemann, Advanced Clean Energy Advisor - maria.eisemann@state.co.us

James Lester, Senior Policy Lead on Transmission, Climate and Energy - james.lester@state.co.us

Adair Andre, Legislative Liaison & Policy Analyst - adair.andre@state.co.us


Transportation Fuels & Technology

Christian Williss, Managing Director - christian.williss@state.co.us

Carrie Atiyeh, Associate Director - carrie.atiyeh@state.co.us

Sarah Thorne, Sr. Program Manager - sarah.thorne@state.co.us

Matt Mines, Sr. Program Manager - matt.mines@state.co.us

Lezlie Zink, Vehicle Electrification Advisor - lezlie.zink@state.co.us

Zahra Al-Saloom, Associate Program Manager - zahra.al-saloom@state.co.us

Ed Piersa, Program Manager, HEV - edward.piersa@state.co.us

Matt Lerman, Program Manager, Infrastructure - matt.lerman@state.co.us

Candace Davis, Procurement and Contracts Optimization Manager - candace.davis@state.co.us

Rosie Briggs, Outreach and Engagement Specialist/Manager - rosie.briggs@state.co.us

Mika Burdette, Program Manager - mika.burdette@state.co.us


Strategic Initiatives & Finance

Michael Turner, Director - michael.a.turner@state.co.us

DeLynne Southern, Sr. Program Strategist - delynne.southern@state.co.us

Wil Mannes, Senior Program Manager - wil.mannes@state.co.us

Eric Cowan, Associate Finance Program Manager - eric.cowan@state.co.us

Bryce Carter, Program Manager - Emerging Markets, Geothermal - bryce.carter@state.co.us

Libby Lee, Program Manager - Emerging Markets, Sustainable Cannabis - elizabeth.r.lee@state.co.us

Charlie Stevens, Program Engineer - charlie.stevens@state.co.us

Arin Chakraverty, Program Engineer - arin.chakraverty@state.co.us

Quinn Antus, Program Manager - Emerging Markets, Carbon Management/CDR - quinn.antus@state.co.us

Brittney VanCuran, Building Efficiency & Electrification Lead - brittney.vancuran@state.co.us

Ari Moledina, Program Manager - Renewable Energy - ari.moledina@state.co.us


Building Decarbonization

Amy Jiron, Director for Building Decarbonization Policy - amy.jiron@state.co.us

Adam Berry, Sr. Program Manager for Building Codes - adam.berry@state.co.us

Crystal Egelkamp, Program Manager, Benchmarking and Building Performance - crystal.egelkamp@state.co.us

Loren Ahonen, Climate-Ready Buildings Lead - loren.ahonen@state.co.us

Annie Beall, Climate-Ready Buildings Lead - annie.beall@state.co.us

Raine Queenan, Climate-Ready Buildings Lead - raine.queenan@state.co.us

Jon Bartelt, Climate-Ready Building Electrification Strategist - jon.bartelt@state.co.us

Jess Cohen, Buildings and Climate Associate - jess.cohen@state.co.us

Shannon Bauman, Buildings and Climate Associate - shannon.bauman@state.co.us

***For all benchmarking program inquiries, contact Crystal Egelkamp.***


Weatherization Assistance Program

Stephanie Insinna-Sahondo, Director - stephanie.insinna-sahondo@state.co.us

Brandon Watkins, Associate Director - brandon.watkins@state.co.us

Andy Cordova, Sr. Quality Manager - andy.cordova@state.co.us

Zebulon Clayton, Quality Specialist - zebulon.clayton@state.co.us

Zac Stewart, Quality & Technical Manager - zac.stewart@state.co.us

Jacob Wolff, Quality Assurance Manager - jacob.wolff@state.co.us

Randi Nusser, Sr. Contract Manager - randi.nusser@state.co.us

Amy Miller, Process Improvement & Data Specialist - amy.miller@state.co.us 

Michelle Butler, Sr. Engagement Manager - michelle.butler@state.co.us

Alicia Armentrout, Sr. Program Manager - alicia.armentrout@state.co.us

Babi Pazos-Brown, Program Manager - barbara.pazos-brown@state.co.us 

Libby Lenox, Program Manager - libby.lenox@state.co.us

Erin Edwards, Program Associate (Communications) - erin.edwards@state.co.us

Mitch Foresman, Program Associate - mitch.foresman@state.co.us

Chad Weikel, Climate Workforce Development Manager - chad.weikel@state.co.us


Finance & Operations

​​​​​​Gregg Hefner, Sr. Director - gregg.hefner@state.co.us

Natalie Doerre, Sr. Budget Analyst - natalie.doerre@state.co.us

Cheryl Secorski, Federal Budget Analyst - cheryl.secorski@state.co.us

Eva Carlson, Operations Manager - eva.carlson@state.co.us

Kirby Hollums, Purchasing and Contracts Specialist - kirby.hollums@state.co.us

Alex Lopez, Accountant Manager - alex.lopez@state.co.us

Edward Wanjira, Accountant - edward.wanjira@state.co.us

Sarah Mae Burns, Senior Salesforce Administrator - sarahmae.burns@state.co.us

Victoria Love, Salesforce Administrator - victoria.love@state.co.us

Sara Graf, Procurement Director - Governor's Office - sara.graf@state.co.us

Chi Nguyen, Sr. IT Professional - Governor's Office - chi.nguyen@state.co.us