Will Toor, Executive Director -

Dominique Gómez, Deputy Director -

Christine Berg, Sr. Policy Analyst, Local Government -

Eric Lowe, Local Government Project Manager -

Susannah Harris, HR Coordinator/Executive Assistant -

Eva Carlson, Operations Manager -

Kelly Blynn, Transportation Climate Change Specialist -

Jaxon Fagan, Land Use and Transportation Analyst -

Josh Chetwynd, Director of Climate Communications -

Issamar Pichardo, Environmental Justice Specialist -

Ari Rosenblum, PIO/Communications Manager -

***For all media inquiries, contact CEO's PIO/Communications Manager. Sign-up for our media contact list to receive CEO press releases. For all requests under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), contact***


Keith Hay, Sr. Director -

Crystal Egelkamp, Program Manager, Benchmarking and Building Performance -

Adam Berry, Sr. Program Manager, Building Codes -

Jocelyn Durkay, Manager of Regulatory Affairs -

Chris Piper, Legislative Liaison & Policy Analyst - 

Kathleen Gegner, Sr. Regulatory Analyst -

John Parks, Policy Analyst, Electricity Market and Transmission -

Daniel Weingarten, Sr. Regulatory analyst -

Megan Ottesen, Sr. Regulatory Analyst -

***For all benchmarking program inquiries, contact Crystal Egelkamp.***

Transportation Fuels & Technology

Christian Williss, Sr. Director of Programs and Initiatives -

Sarah Thorne, Sr. Program Manager -

Maria DiBiase Eisemann, Policy Advisor, Special Projects -

Matt Mines, Sr. Program Manager -

Carrie Atiyeh, Board Administrator & Sr. Program Manager -

Lezlie Zink, Vehicle Electrification Advisor -

Zahra Al-Saloom, Associate Program Manager -

Ed Piersa, Program Manager, HEV -

Matt Lerman, Program Manager, Infrastructure -

Candace Davis, Procurement and Contracts Optimization Manager -

Strategic Initiatives & Finance

Michael Turner, Director -

DeLynne Southern, Sr. Program Strategist -

Wil Mannes, Associate Program Manager -

Eric Cowan, Associate Finance Program Manager -

Bryce Carter, Program Manager - Emerging Markets, Geothermal -

Elizabeth Lee, Program Manager - Emerging Markets, Sustainable Cannabis -

Charlie Stevens, Program Engineer -

Weatherization Assistance Program

Stephanie Insinna-Sahondo, Director -

Brandon Watkins, Associate Director -

Andy Cordova, Sr. Quality Manager -

Mick McHone, Quality Specialist -

Zac Stewart, Quality & Technical Manager -

Jacob Wolff, Quality Assurance Manager -

Randi Nusser, Sr. Contract Manager -

Amy Miller, Sr. Program Manager - 

Elizabeth Jaenicke, Program Manager -

Michelle Butler, Sr. Engagement Manager -

Barbara Pazos-Brown, Program Manager - 

Libby Lenox, Program Manager -

Erin Edwards, Program Associate (Communications) -

Sarah Burns, Salesforce Administrator -

Chad Weikel, Climate Workforce Development Manager -

Finance & Operations

​​​​​​Gregg Hefner, Sr. Director -

Natalie Doerre, Sr. Budget Anaylst - 

Alex Lopez, Accountant Manager -

Edward Wanjira, Accountant -

Sara Graf, Procurement Director - Governor's Office -

Chi Nguyen, Sr. IT Professional - Governor's Office -