Automated Permit Processing for Solar (APPS) Grant

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The Automated Permit Processing for Solar (APPS) grant program offers financial assistance to local and tribal governments to implement automated online solar permitting software, such as SolarAPP+ or Symbium. This type of software speeds up the permitting process for residential solar projects, ensuring that Coloradans who have invested in rooftop solar panels can start benefitting from them as quickly as possible. It also saves local governments and solar installers time normally spent processing permits and makes communities more solar-friendly.

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Type: Grant

For: Local and tribal governments 

Amount: $1 million total 

Match: None

Program Length: until June 30, 2028 or until funding is expended

Application: CEO expects to start accepting applications on a first-come, first-serve basis on April 2, 2024


Eligible applicants

Applicants for the APPS program must be the local entity with the authority to approve the building permits and/or inspections for solar installations. These entities vary by location but typically include local governments (a statutory or home rule municipality, county, city & county or special district in the State of Colorado) and tribal governments.

Eligible project costs

APPS grant funding may cover the costs incurred to adopt an automated permitting software, including: 

  • In-house staff time or training
  • Training for installers or developers
  • IT or consultant time
  • Maintenance or subscription costs for up to three years
  • Hardware or Equipment
Grant award amounts

CEO anticipates awarding a total of nearly $1 million. The maximum award amounts are based on the population size in an applicant’s jurisdiction.

Maximum award available based on population size

Population size

Maximum award amount

Less than 50,000


50,000 to 99,999


100,000 to 199,999


200,000 or more


How and when to apply

Application materials will be available spring 2024.