Legislative Commission on Low Income Energy and Water Assistance

Crew explains window weatherization to family

In June 2021, Governor Polis signed HB1105, which creates a new source of funding to provide assistance to low income electric and gas customers.

Among other things, this bill also modified an existing commission to create the Legislative Commission on Low Income Energy and Water Assistance within the Colorado Energy Office (CEO).

The Commission launched on May 1, 2022, and is composed of seven members including: 

  • A representative of:
    • The Department of Human Services; Theresa Kullen
    • CEO; Michelle Butler
    • and Energy Outreach Colorado; Luke Ilderton
  • Four members appointed by the Governor including: 
    • Regina Bosma, representing an entity that serves a population eligible for low-income assistance (Arapahoe County Weatherization Division);
    • Andrew Hawkins, representing a combined electric and natural gas utility (Xcel Energy);
    • Laura Getts, representing an electric utility (San Isabel Electric Association);
    • and Elizabeth Gillitzer-Gallardo, representing a water utility (Aurora Water). 


Board Meetings

The next board meeting is scheduled for August 29, 2022 at 10:30 am MT. All meetings are open to the public. To attend, register using the following link:


Minutes for each meeting will be posted after approval by the Board in the following meeting.  

Meeting Agendas