Clean Air Program’s Technical Assistance Offering

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) has partnered with CLEAResult, an experienced energy efficiency and decarbonization solutions provider, to conduct Scope 1 Emissions Assessments. Scope 1 emissions are direct greenhouse (GHG) emissions that occur from sources that an organization controls or owns (e.g., emissions associated with fuel combustion in boilers, furnaces, vehicles). By participating in a Clean Air Scope 1 Emissions Assessments, you are contributing to Colorado's efforts to combat climate change and taking proactive steps to maximize the impact of your energy efficiency investments.

Private manufacturing and industrial entities and local governments that engage in gas operations within an industrial process in Colorado are eligible to apply. 

Contact CLEAResult at with any questions or to learn more. 

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Type: Technical emissions assessment

For: Industrial manufacturers, waste water treatment plants, landfills, airline operators, energy producers

Amount covered: 70% of assessment cost

Match: 30% of assessment cost

Applications: Now accepted on a rolling basis

Scope 1 Emissions Assessment Process

Determine eligibility

Eligible Applicants

  • Private entities: Manufacturing operations (2022 NAICS code between 31-33), cement plants, steel mills, energy producers & mining operations (2022 NAICS code 21), refineries, meat packing plants, dairies, airline operations, wastewater treatment plants, landfill operators, abandoned coal mine sites
  • Local governments: A statutory or home rule municipality, county, city and county, or special district that engage in gas operations within and industrial process 
Assessment cost

The cost of the assessment varies depending on your facility’s annual carbon emissions. Please note, the Colorado Energy Office will cover 70% of the assessment cost. Your business will be responsible for the remaining 30% of the cost. See the table below for cost breakdown. 

Emissions Assessment Cost by Facility Type
Facility type Minimum Usage Requirement Total cost of Assessment What CEO covers (70%) What participant pays (30%)
Energy Production / Government industrial facilities 35,000 mmBTU $14,800 $10,360 $4,400
Industrial / manufacturing facility 35,000 mmBTU $22,200 $15,540 $6,600










Submit an application

Applicants who meet program criteria and eligibility requirements are required to complete and submit the application and all required supporting documents to:

Download application

Assessment & report delivery

Schedule an assessment

If accepted to the program, a CLEAResult representative will contact you to schedule an on-site assessment of your facilities. Collecting your operation’s historic resource usage data is a critical first step, including (where applicable):

  • Electricity usage 
  • Natural gas usage 
  • Propane usage 
  • Other fossil fuel usage (e.g. diesel or gasoline)
  • CO2 usage 
  • Water usage 

This data, coupled with the on-site facility audit, will allow CLEAResult to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements in your facility.

Report delivery

After conducting a technical energy assessment, CLEAResult will deliver a summary report about your facility. This report will detail current performance metrics of your facility, recommended efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reduction opportunities, and projected resource usage and cost saving potential.

Financing options

Alongside your assessment report, CLEAResult will help you assess available financing options to pay for the implementation of efficiency measures.

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