E-Bike Tax Credit



A State of Colorado e-bike tax credit will be available to Coloradans starting on April 1, 2024. After this date, Coloradans will get a $450 discount off of a qualifying e-bike purchase (at the point-of-sale) from one of several participating retailers across the state (to be determined).


Stakeholder Feedback on E-Bike Standards

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) is currently developing standards for the e-bikes and e-bike batteries that will qualify for the upcoming State of Colorado e-bike tax credit. CEO wants to hear input from e-bike stakeholders, such as bike retailers, manufacturers, and industry groups, about these standards. CEO welcomes all comments and proposals, but is particularly seeking input about the e-bike itself, e-bike charging, and e-bike batteries. Stakeholders may submit comments until January 12, 2024.

Submit comments

Please reach out to sarah.thorne@state.co.us if you have any issues accessing the comment form.


E-Bike Retailers

Qualified Retailers:

  • Must register with the Department of Revenue (more information coming soon)
  • Must sell qualified e-bikes (criteria TBD)
  • Must hold a State of Colorado sales tax license
  • Must have filed, in a timely manner, a monthly sales tax return showing a tax liability for at least 12 months
  • Must have paid the taxes due on the monthly sales tax return

Retailers will collect an affidavit form (to be supplied by the Department of Revenue) from each customer receiving the discount and will submit the affidavits with a quarterly report to the Department of Revenue. 

In the first year of the program (2024), participating retailers will not be able to collect advanced payments of the credit. CEO recognizes that this may present a hardship for some retailers and is speaking with lenders about possible loan options for the first year. 

The Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF) is available for e-bike retailers needing financing support for their businesses. CEF offers fair, flexible, fixed rate financing to Colorado businesses who would not otherwise qualify for traditional bank financing.

Learn more about the Colorado Enterprise Fund