WAP Low-Income Solar

two ERC weatherization workers installing rooftop solar on a roof with mountains in the background

The effective reduction of household energy burden is reliant upon addressing both home heating and electric costs. Existing offerings designed to minimize home heating costs are robust; however, few resources are available to reduce household electric use. The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) has implemented two cost-effective low-income solar energy offerings as part of an effort to comprehensively address household energy burden - community solar (as a demonstration project) and rooftop solar. Both demonstrate the feasibility of combining energy efficiency and solar offerings to help reduce utility bills for residents most in need - those paying more than four percent of household income on energy costs. Low-Income Solar may be available to you through the Weatherization Assistance Program. Please contact your local agency to apply for WAP. 

*In order for a WAP client to receive rooftop solar they need to qualify for the program, their home needs to be appropriate for the installation of solar panels, and it needs to be approved by a certified professional through a thorough home audit.