Charge Ahead Colorado

Electric vehicle charging

Charge Ahead Colorado provides grant funding for community-based Level 2 and DC fast-charging (DCFC) electric vehicle charging stations. The objectives of Charge Ahead Colorado are to improve air quality, reduce transportation emissions and increase adoption of electric vehicles across Colorado.

CEO will provide grant funding for 80%* of the cost of a charging station project up to the following set maximums:

EV Charging Station Power Level Match Incentive
Level 2 - Fleet 80% $6,000
Level 2 - Dual Port  80% $9,000
*Level 2 - Dual Port (Income Qualified Incentive) 90% $11,500
Level 2  - Dual Port (19-25kW) 80% $12,500
DCFC - Under 100kW 80% $35,000
DCFC - Over 100kW 80% $50,000
*Enhanced incentive for disproportionately impacted communities 90% $1,000




To be eligible for the Disproportionately Impacted Community (DI) enhanced incentive, applicants must fall within a disproportionately impacted community and be a qualifying entity type. Further information is available in the Application Guide. 
Applicants can determine if their address is eligible using the Enhanced Incentive Screening Tool.

Please see the Application Guide for more information on charging station types. 
Charge Ahead Colorado has three application rounds per year - in January, May and October. All public and private entities interested in installing Level 2 or DCFC stations may apply, however applications for stations at workplaces, multifamily housing and tourist destinations are of particular interest. We encourage applicants seeking DCFC stations or very large projects to reach out to CEO staff or their closest ReCharge coach for additional information on appropriate project scale, project location, etc.

CEO anticipates awarding approximately $3M during the October application round.



All applications must be completed and submitted online. For preparation purposes, a Word formatted application and application guide can also be found here (revised application coming soon). During the October application period, applications will not be able to be saved and continued at a later date. Applicants are strongly encouraged to use the Word formatted version to prepare one’s response and copy and paste into the online application.

All applicants must read the Charge Ahead Colorado Application Guide prior to submitting an application. This guide is intended to lead participants through Charge Ahead’s funding process.



Charge Ahead Colorado will not fund retroactive projects. Projects must seek approval for funding through the application process. Charge Ahead Colorado does not have a preferred or qualified vendor list.



Since its inception in 2013, the Charge Ahead Colorado program has made awards for more than 2,000 EV charging stations across the state. Historically, the program was jointly administered by the Regional Air Quality Council and the Colorado Energy Office. The program became solely administered by CEO in 2022. 

Beginning in October 2022, the Colorado Energy Office will implement new incentives for high-powered Level 2 chargers (19-25kW), Qualified Income, and a Disproportionately Impacted Community Adder. The program updates were shared via Zoom webinar on September 23, 2022. The presentation and recording can be found here:

Details on charging stations and EV growth in Colorado can be found at EValuateCO. To find a list of charging stations near you, visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center or PlugShare.

For more information about Charge Ahead Colorado, contact Zahra Al-Saloom, Colorado Energy Office, at or 303.866.4472.

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