EV Charging Station Grants & Programs

Charge Ahead Colorado

Charge Ahead Colorado provides grant funding to businesses, multifamily housing, and public entities for community-based Level 2 and DC fast-charging (DCFC) electric vehicle charging stations. The objectives of Charge Ahead Colorado are to improve air quality, reduce transportation emissions and increase adoption of electric vehicles across Colorado. Learn more


EV Fast Charging Corridors

Developed in partnership with ChargePoint and site hosts, such as local governments, utilities and private companies, the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) fast-charging electric vehicle corridors project comprises high-speed charging stations to be installed at 34 locations across the state. Learn more


EV Fast Charging Plazas

The EV Fast Charging Plazas program is designed to increase access to high-speed charging across the State of Colorado through funding opportunities for large banks of fast chargers. Proposed locations must take into account proximity of existing and planned DCFC locations and the potential for high utilization. Learn more