DCFC Plazas


​​The Colorado Energy Office’s (CEO) Direct Current Fast-Charging (DCFC) Plazas program, developed in partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), is designed to increase access to high-speed charging in communities and along highway corridors across Colorado. The DCFC Plazas program is funded through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program and the Community Access Enterprise (CAE). For more information on Colorado’s investment plan, please see Colorado’s NEVI Plan and the CAE’s Ten-Year Plan. Funding will be available for corridor and community-based projects in all parts of the state. 

Proposed DCFC locations must take into account proximity of existing and planned DCFC locations. This will result in the strategic deployment of high-speed charging infrastructure to accommodate drivers without regular access to home or workplace charging and drivers who are in need of quick, convenient charging while traveling throughout Colorado. CDOT and CEO have developed resources to identify charging station gaps along Colorado’s designated alternative fuel corridors and help facilitate development of DCFC projects:

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Current Incentives

The incentive per charging port is available for ports capable of delivering a minimum of 150kW power output. The incentive is determined based on the number of vehicles capable of being charged at one time. 

  • Seven County Denver Metro Area: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson Counties
  • Front Range Urban: Pueblo, El Paso, Larimer and Weld Counties
  • Rural: Includes the remainder of the state, outside of the counties listed previously
  • Existing Sites: DCFC sites seeking to upgrade to NEVI compliance are eligible to request fewer than the minimum four (4) charging stations required for new projects. Site upgrades are eligible for the per station funding indicated in the DCFC Plazas Incentives table to the right.


DCFC Plazas Incentives
Location DCFC Output # of DCFC Incentive Amount Per Charging Port Funding percentage (up to)
Seven County Denver Metro Area 150kW+ 4+ $90,000 50%
Front Range Urban 150kW+ 4+ $115,000 65%
Rural 150kW+ 4+ $140,000 80%

Enhanced Incentives

  • Enhanced Incentive for Disproportionately Impacted Communities: Projects located in disproportionately impacted communities are eligible for enhanced incentives. Applicants can determine whether they qualify for these enhanced incentives using Colorado’s Enhanced Incentive Screening Tool. Disproportionately impacted communities include those meeting any of the following definitions:
    • SB21-260 Disproportionately Impacted Community (DIC) Definition
    • National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) DAC Definition
    • EnviroScreen DIC (90th percentile +)
    • Transportation Equity Community (75th percentile +)
  • Enhanced Incentive for Battery Storage: Sites incorporating Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are eligible for an additional $25,000 per site where merited for battery integrated storage. Standalone battery storage systems are eligible for up to an additional $45,000. In order to qualify for the BESS Enhanced Incentive, sites must incorporate a minimum of a 90kWh battery or larger.
  • Enhanced Incentives for 3+ Locations: Applicants are encouraged to propose three or more stations along a given FHWA designated EV corridor. Proposals meeting this criterion are eligible for an enhanced incentive of an additional $25,000 per site per application, if awarded. For example, an applicant proposing stations at four different locations along Interstate 76 would be eligible for an additional $100,000 for completion of these projects within a single proposal. 

Enhanced Incentives
Incentive type Additional Incentive Amount
Disproportionately Impacted / Disadvantaged Communities (DI/DAC) Enhanced Incentive $5,000 per charger
Enhanced Incentive for Battery Integrated Storage $25,000 per site
Enhanced Incentive for Standalone Storage $45,000 per site
Enhanced Incentive for 3+ Awarded Locations $25,000 per site along a designated corridor


Online Application: All applicants must submit the application online by May 5, 2023, 5:00 PM MT.

Online Application

Applicants may prepare responses in the Word formatted DCFC Plazas Grant Application, which is available for preparatory purposes.

Download the Word formatted DCFC Plaza Grant Application

Please submit questions about the program via email to ceo_transportation@state.co.us. Responses will be posted to this webpage by March 31.

View the DCFC Plaza Grant Program Guide


Key Dates
Action Date
Application period opens March 8
Online application portal opens March 13
Question submittal deadline March 24
Q & A responses posted March 31
Application deadline May 5, 5:00 PM MT