Clean Energy Grants


Explore the newly authorized grants and funding opportunities that support CEO’s mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and consumer energy costs by advancing clean energy, energy efficiency, and zero emission vehicles to benefit all Coloradans.

Funding opportunities are available for the public sector (including schools and local governments), the private sector, and public-private partnerships.


Grant Program Description
Clean Air Program (CAP) Financial assistance for the implementation of voluntary industrial and manufacturing air pollutant emission reduction projects in Colorado
Public Building Electrification Program Provide public buildings with funding to explore and implement building system electrification measures and infrastructure upgrades
High Efficiency Electric Heating & Appliances (HEEHA) Program Support community efforts to switch to high efficiency electric heat & appliances.
Geothermal Energy Program Support the use of zero-emission, geothermal energy for electricity generation and space/water heating and cooling in homes, businesses, and communities
Cannabis Resource Optimization Program (CROP) Provide eligible cannabis cultivation businesses with no-cost technical resource use and renewable energy assessments to identify cost-effective resource management opportunities
Microgrids for Community Resilience Program Build community resilience regarding electric grid disruptions through funding for the development of microgrids