Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits & Incentives

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provides support for the clean energy transition in multiple ways. Learn more below.


Inflation Reduction Act Rebates

REBATES FROM THE INFLATION REDUCTION ACT ARE NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. The Colorado Energy Office is awaiting federal guidance and funding for two rebate programs that will be administered by the state. CEO will provide more information on these rebates as soon as it is available.

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Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits

Learn more from the federal Department of Energy.

A table outlining tax credits available for various types of equipment in Tax Year 2022, and updated tax credits available for Tax Years 2023-2022. Equipment types include Home Clean Electricity Products; Heating, Cooling, and Water heating; and other Energy Efficiency Upgrades. Click the link immediately above this image for a screen reader friendly version of this table.
























Still have questions? Visit the White House Guidance on Tax Credits and Rebates for Families which includes information on solar, energy efficient home appliances, heating and cooling systems and electric vehicles.  Your local utility or municipality may have additional incentives available.