Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits & Incentives



The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provides support for the clean energy transition in multiple ways. The Colorado Energy Office is currently developing the Home Energy Rebate programs established in the IRA. 

State of Colorado Heat Pump Tax Credits and Home Energy Federal Tax Credits are currently available.

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Inflation Reduction Act Home Energy Rebate Programs

Rebates from the Inflation Reduction Act are not currently available.

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) received federal guidance about these rebate programs on July 27, 2023 and is in the process of applying for funding, in accordance with the federal requirements. CEO is developing two rebate programs that will provide funding for income-qualified Colorado homeowners and renters to improve home energy efficiency and upgrade to electric appliances. These upgrades will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve indoor and outdoor air quality and reduce residents’ heating and cooling costs. 

Learn more about the federal home efficiency rebate programs

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Contact Information

Please review all the information on this webpage before reaching out. If you still have a question regarding IRA Home Energy Rebates, reach out to ceo_buildingdecarb@state.co.us or call (720)-213-6797.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I need a home energy upgrade now. What should I do?

The Department of Energy (DOE) does not recommend that households wait to accomplish needed home energy upgrades or projects. Households looking for financial assistance to make home energy upgrades before these rebates are available may be eligible for Colorado’s Weatherization Assistance Program or other financial incentives, such as federal tax credits and utility rebates.

When will state-administered, IRA-funded rebates be available?

Estimated Fall 2024.

Timeline for IRA rebates in Colorado. See image description linked below.

IRA Timeline image description

Who will qualify to receive home efficiency rebates?

Although we have not finalized the income-qualifications, we expect that the Colorado IRA Home Energy Rebate Program will be available as described in the federal guidelines. Higher amount rebates will be available to households earning up to 80% Area Median Income (AMI) and lower amount rebates will be available to households earning between 81%-150% AMI. This is subject to change until these programs launch.

Income-qualified homeowners and renters will be eligible for rebates.