Local Government Electric Vehicle Readiness Planning Grants

Program Background

Local governments are uniquely positioned to advance emission reduction strategies in buildings, energy generation, and transportation. The Polis Administration’s Roadmap to 100% Renewable Energy By 2040 and Bold Climate Action acknowledges that local governments “…have significant authority over building codes, transportation investments, and other key clean energy policy levers.” The Roadmap calls for local governments to lead by example, and for the State of Colorado to support local government electric vehicle (EV) planning and investment in rural EV charging infrastructure. 

The readiness plans developed through this grant program will support the 2020 Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan target of 940,000 EVs on the road by 2030 and numerous local, state, and federal climate action plans  to increase use of electric vehicles throughout the region.

In addition to the numerous environmental benefits of an EV readiness plan, there are also economic benefits for local communities, including new revenue sources and fuel and maintenance cost savings for community members.

Program Overview

CEO will provide funding to local, county, and tribal governments and their regional partners to develop EV readiness plans that will allow communities to establish a shared vision for EV readiness, identify key partnerships and actionable strategies needed to achieve the vision, and prepare for and encourage community adoption of electric vehicles. 

This is a competitive grant. CEO intends to make four to six awards in Fiscal Year 2023.

Find the Request for Applications (RFA) documents below.

Program Eligibility

Applicants must be a local, county, or tribal government. EV readiness plans must be regional in nature, and the development process should ensure engagement with a wide variety of public and private stakeholders. Local, county, or tribal government partnerships with other entities are allowed.

See RFA - Local Government Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Grant Program for full details.

Key Activities and Dates

Local Government EV Readiness Planning Grant Key Activities and Dates
Action Date
RFA Release February 27, 2023
Deadline to Submit RFA questions March 13, 2023
RFA answers posted on website March 16, 2023
RFA application submission deadline April 27, 2023
Evaluation of RFA applications May 1 to May 12, 2023
Notification of winners (approximate) May 17, 2023



The Energy Office accepted questions regarding this Request for Applications from February 27, 2023 until March 13, 2023. The answers to these questions are posted below.

Q & A Responses