eBike program partcipant posting with her new eBike in front of a bike shop

Why e-bikes?

Household motor vehicle trips are one of the biggest drivers of transportation emissions in the country. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, in 2017 nearly 60% of household motor vehicle trips were 6 miles or less and 75% were 10 miles or less. Trips of these lengths are very doable by bike for most Americans, particularly if completed on an electric bicycles (e-bike). Compared to traditional bikes, e-bikes allow people to:

  • More easily bike greater distances and across harder terrain
  • Commute with groceries, small deliveries and children 
  • Ride at an older age or with mobility issues
  • Set aside worries about arriving sweaty at their destination
  • Reduce their carbon footprint


Community Access to Electric Bicycles Rebate Program

Coming soon! Check e-bike rebate program webpage for more information.

Thanks to the passage of SB22-193, Colorado will be establishing a Statewide eBike rebate available to low- and moderate-income Coloradoans. CEO anticipates that the rebate will be available to individuals starting in August 2023. 


Community Access to Electric Bicycles Grant Program

Thanks to the passage of SB22-193, CEO will continue the CanDo Colorado E-bike Pilot Program by implementing a full-scale version of the program. Grants will be available to non-profit organizations, local governments, tribal governments, and other community-based organizations to create eBike programs that give e-bikes to low- and moderate-income Coloradoans. 

The Request for Applications (RFA) for FY23 has closed. CEO anticipates an additional round of grant funding to be available in Fall 2023 (FY24). Check the e-bike grant program webpage for RFA documents. Be sure to visit the Pilot Program webpage for additional background information and to see procurement documents from the Pilot.


Can Do Colorado E-bike Pilot Program

In June 2020, the Polis Administration launched the Can Do Colorado Community Challenge to provide resources to local communities and businesses to help safely reopen the economy after COVID-19 restrictions and work toward a healthier, more sustainable future. As part of this initiative, the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) committed $500,000 toward an e-bike pilot that increases access to e-bikes for low-income essential workers.