EVs in Colorado Dashboard

screenshot of EValuateCO dashboard homepage

The EValuateCO dashboard is made possible through a collaboration between the Colorado Energy Office (CEO), Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), NIC Colorado and Atlas Public Policy.

DMV, through NIC Colorado, provides vehicle registration data to Atlas Public Policy. Atlas Public Policy runs this data through its vehicle identification number decoder to identify EV make and model - see this document for information on how Atlas Public Policy processes vehicle registration data. Charging station usage data is provided by the Charge Ahead Colorado program. Users should note that some of the historical vehicle data (pre-2019) came from DMV's legacy system and may contain inaccuracies. For example, according to the dashboard, registered EVs went down in December 2018 compared to the same period in 2017, which is most likely not the case.

EValuateCO is a comprehensive dashboarding tool that provides insight into the current state of vehicle electrification in the state of Colorado. The dashboard allows people to view information on EV deployment, current statewide EV infrastructure, and details on charging use for a selected number of stations. It is a great resource for anyone seeking information on vehicle electrification in Colorado. EV registration data is updated monthly and charging data is updated quarterly. 

The information below is a small snapshot of what is available in the EValuateCO dashboard. To access the full EValuateCO dashboard, go here or the Launch EValuateCO button below.