ReNew Our Schools


girl student shown screwing in a LED lightbulb into a small table lamp at her home with bookcases shown in the background

The Renew Our Schools (RNOS) program is a student-centered energy conservation and awareness competition in which schools within a participating district compete to win cash prizes that can be put toward energy retrofits. More information about the RNOS competition can be found here.

Colorado Springs School District 11

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) was proud to support the expansion of the RNOS program to Colorado Springs School District 11 in April 2021. The competition provided a platform for students at participating schools to learn energy concepts and lead energy conservation and awareness initiatives.   

For more information about the Colorado Springs School District 11 competition and how COVID-19 barriers were overcome, contact Wil Mannes, Colorado Energy Office, at wil.mannes@state.co.us.

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