Colorado General Assembly

Colorado Capitol Building

The Colorado General Assembly meets annually between January and May for a 120-day legislative session.

CEO monitors legislation at the Colorado General Assembly, dockets at the Public Utilities Commission, and other state and federal rule making work to support policy aligned with the office's mission and vision.

For a brief overview of the clean buildings, climate action, environmental justice, transportation electrification, renewable energy, energy efficiency and just transition legislation that passed during the 2021 session - see CEO's 2021 Legislative Snapshot.

For a brief overview of energy efficiency, electric vehicles and climate/utility policy legislation that passed during the 2019 session - see CEO's 2019 Legislative Session Snapshot.

The links below provide summaries of energy legislation from previous sessions.

2018 Legislation

2017 Legislation

2016 Legislation

2015 Legislation

2014 Legislation

2013 Legislation

2012 Legislation

2011 Legislation

2010 Legislation

2009 Legislation

2008 Legislation

2007 Legislation