Colorado Energy Assurance Plan

The Colorado Energy Assurance Emergency Plan was developed to provide guidance for the State of Colorado in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from an energy sector power failure. Energy emergencies include electric power outages, natural gas delivery disruptions, and liquid fuels shortages or delivery disruptions. The state assembled an Energy Assurance Working Group to determine the likelihood and potential severity of energy sector disruptions resulting from a range of natural and man-made hazards. In 2016, the Energy Assurance Working Group updated and streamlined the Energy Assurance Plan while incorporating additional resources.

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) shares responsibility for energy assurance in the state with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC). CEO is primarily responsible for liquid fuels energy emergencies, including petroleum and propane, while the PUC is primarily responsible for electric and natural gas energy emergencies. CEO and the PUC partner with the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to prepare for, monitor, and respond to energy assurance concerns.